sRft·ware noun ‐ software, written by Shawn R. French.

Death Pulse

Who died on this date? How? Where? Who died recently? Nobody asked, and this app answered.

Mr. Pushup to do pushups.

Shinny App

ShinnyApp connects Ottawa residents by helping them organize and manage informal sport matches in their community. 3rd place winner in the 2010 Apps4Ottawa contest for Community Building.

LeFrEnglish Wedding

A website detailing our fun Canadian engagement, beautiful wedding, and relaxing honeymoon.


A social scraper and display for live events. Built originally in Java, ported to ruby/rails when I started at Shopify to learn the language/framework. Used for mine and several friends weddings :)

NO Sparkles

Shawn doesn't like sparkles. Not on cards, or gift-wrap, or tissue paper. Please, no sparkles.


Visualization tools for Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) around Ottawa. 2nd place winner in the 2013 Apps4Ottawa contest for Data Analysis and Visualization.

We Love Dave

A website dedication to my amazing father-in-law.

Beau Cat

Yes, I built a website about our cats.

It's My Jam!

Have a jam? Simply upload a picture and claim A silly but fun hack inspired by a trip to Cuba with my family.

Birthday Pulse

Who has a birthday today? Tomorrow? An app I made, for some reason.

I Love Lyndsay

Poems for the most wonderful woman/wife/mother in the world.


A website detailing my silly apps and websites built over the years.

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